Leadership Roundtables

are professionally facilitated groups of up to 12 peer-leaders focused on leadership development.  During the 8 month term we'll meet together 12 times, and you'll receive eight 1-to-1 coaching sessions. Each meeting we also spotlight one member for focused group coaching.



is a fun and low-cost way to experience our encounter coaching.  As facilitators, we briefly introduce a topic and then we creatively bring Jesus into the conversation! We explore together what He is saying to us, and we encourage each attendee to consider their own next steps in following what they've heard.

What Is Jesus Doing?

is a discovery lab where we create a quarterly full-day experience where you pull away from the daily demands to get a reset for the next 13 week planning season.  At the end of that day you'll walk away with a renewed vision from God and the practical next steps to carry it out. You'll also get connected with a take-action-partner to stay on course!

Next Man UP

is a professionally facilitated group of up to 12 Dads and their high-school aged boys as we learn together how to promote our boys to become men. We believe this work doesn't need to be fully outsourced to youth group leaders and teachers! During the 7 month term we equip Dads with the tools to engage their boys well during a season of life filled with tons of unanswered questions. Boys without participating Dads are also welcome (as a tribe, we'll make this work).