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Experiential Courses


In partnership with Leadership MetaFormation, we offer the full suite of MetaFormation workshops below.  Here's a quick overview of what's in each:

  • Transforming the Heart focuses on engaging God, and it unveils the inner workings of the heart, including the little-known realm of desire that drives our behavior. You'll also learn Jesus' way of change, how to pray your desire, and revel in our signature Taste of Heaven™  experience.

  • Living from the Heart focuses on egnaging your life circumstances from the heart. Your own life story will be rewritten from heaven's perspective in the unique Taste of Heaven™  encounter (each workshop has a different one!), and you'll learn the reframing techniques to do the same for those you coach.

  • Relating from the Heart is about taking your relationships to a deeper level, and relating out of your deep desires. You'll learn to use positive challenge instead of confrontation, how to speak words of life to desires in others, and how to build cultures of feedback and transparency.

  • Coaching the Heart is a practicum on Encounter Coaching: creating experiential encounters with Jesus during the coaching conversation that transform beliefs, heal memories and free people to live from their true desires. This workshop provides a ton of coaching practice time, so we leave out the Taste of Heaven™  experience in this one.


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Online offering coming



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