The Questions for Jesus E-Course walks you

through an amazing series of encounters where you learn to talk with Jesus on the level of your God-given desires. When you make your conversation with Jesus about what he most wants to talk about — the relationship instead of the business — you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to hear his voice. 


In this highly interactive e-course, you’ll get in touch with the things you most long for (like belonging, significance, worth, or love) and experientially meet Jesus there. You can have the intimacy with Jesus you’ve always longed for — especially now!


The e-course consists of eight (8), video-based sessions. Throughout the series, you'll have five (5) opportunities to practice what you learn through live activations via Zoom.  


The live activations will be facilitated by Todd Olsen. These live sessions are designed for small groups to provide you adequate practice with others in the session as well as get your questions answered. 


What is it?
  • An online course that will begins now with new content being sent out each week.  The course consists of videos, at-home work, as well as a fantastic iOS/Android app that provides you plenty of opportunity to practice the new skills.
  • Each week you'll have an opportunity to participate in a live session with Todd Olsen and up to 30 others to further practice the skills of asking Questions for Jesus.
Who is it for?
  • Anyone who would like to enhance their ability to have their prayers answered by Jesus.
What can I expect?
  • Our experience is that when we shift our prayers from asking Jesus to give us the objects of our desires (e.g. a better job, more patience, health, protection, etc.) to asking him to  fill our heart desires (e.g. belonging, significance, worth, etc.) with Himself, Jesus speaks to us every time!
Important Details
  • Once you sign up for the course, you'll receive email instructions for accessing the course on line.  Watch the videos and begin practicing the skills being taught.
  • Each week you'll be prompted to sign up for a live online activation via Zoom. You'll have a few different dates/times to sign up for the live activations, so you can easily make it work with your schedule.
  • For the live activation to work best, we recommend that you use your computer with good headphones and microphone.  Situate yourself in a quiet place and be prepared for a great discussion.  However, you can access the live interaction via Zoom with your tablet or phone.