Coaching Leaders To Have A Lasting Influence

Silence the Overwhelm |  Connect with God | Increase your Influence

Are your struggles a lot like mine?

  • Asking God for direction, but he seems silent

  • Tirelessly working for God, yet not finding him in the process

  • People are looking to you for answers, but your well feels dry

  • Wondering if your influence is having a lasting impact on others?

Who We Are

Designed for Legacy was founded by Todd Olsen with the simple mission of helping leaders build a lasting influence within their work as a business or ministry leader. After a successful 30 year career at Ford Motor Co., Todd voluntarily left his role in 2016 to embark on a new career as an Encounter Coach and Coach Trainer. 
While he found the results for his clients using a traditional coaching approach were good; he discovered truly transformational results when he learned from master coach, Tony Stoltzfus, how to bring Jesus into the coaching conversation. Fast forward a couple of years, he is now a Managing Partner and Certified Trainer at MetaFormation.

In addition to offering the MetaFormation courses, we support your leadership development through empowering 1-to-1 encounter coaching.
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“I was blind to the way my perfectionism was resulting in weak, unproductive and unfulfilling relationships. Encounter coaching with Todd opened my eyes to understand unknown deep issues. His careful listening, thoughtful insight and focused questions resulted in a life-infused change in my heart, which motivated me to pursue helpful new attitudes and actions.”


—  Larry, Missionary for 36 years

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Experiential Courses

As Managing Partner of MetaFormation, we offer the full suite of MetaFormation workshops.


Here's a quick overview of what's in each:

  • Transforming the Heart focuses on engaging God, and it unveils the inner workings of the heart, including the little-known realm of desire that drives our behavior. You'll also learn Jesus' way of change, how to pray your desire, and revel in our signature Taste of Heaven™  experience.

  • Living from the Heart focuses on engaging your life circumstances from the heart. Your own life story will be rewritten from heaven's perspective in the unique Taste of Heaven™  encounter (each workshop has a different one!), and you'll learn the reframing techniques to do the same for those you coach.

  • Coaching the Heart is a practicum on Encounter Coaching: creating experiential encounters with Jesus during the coaching conversation that transform beliefs, heal memories and free people to live from their true desires. This workshop provides a ton of coaching practice time, so we leave out the Taste of Heaven™  experience in this one.


  • Relating from the Heart is about taking your relationships to a deeper level, and relating out of your deep desires. You'll learn to use positive challenge instead of confrontation, how to speak words of life to desires in others, and how to build cultures of feedback and transparency.


Invest In Your Heart

According to Jesus, behavior comes from the heart.  So does ministry.  In fact, your impact on others is a function of how much of Him is inside you.  There is no better place to invest in your growth and transformation.

But the Christianity many of us grew up with focused on the externals, like performance, managing outward behavior or self-discipline. The Good News is, there's a better way. Jesus' way of change starts with filling your deepest desires (for things like love, security, belonging, peace, and more) with Himself. 

Would you like to experience more life, a much deeper intimacy with Jesus, and see your coaching and leadership produce constant, transforming encounters with Jesus? 


Our experiential courses (powered by Leadership MetaFormation) can show you how.

Our Approach is Different

The Right Tool is the Key

If you've ever been given a spiritual pat answer that you knew would never work, you already grasp something crucial about the heart.  Our biggest growth issues, wounds, and obstacles all live in our emotional brain, not the rational.  Yet we keep trying to fix them with rational solutions like self-discipline, advice-giving or memorizing scripture. It's like trying to fix a cracked windshield with a tire iron!  We're simply using the wrong tool for the job.

The heart learns by experience, so it takes an experience to change it.  What our training does is simply give you the right coaching tool for reshaping the heart.  We demonstrate (experientially) how to create those experiences that are so effective in transforming the heart.